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How to Play Racquetball

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Racquetball Rally Strategy
  1. Maintain center court position for yourself - 2.5 feet behind dotted line, in the center of the court
  2. Move your opponent out of center court position with passing shots, ceiling shots, and kill shots. No shots should return off the front wall and back into the center of the court. The passing shot is the highest percentage shot to take. It would be hit very hard, striking the front wall about 1 foot high. It will return, "passing" your opponent as far away from your opponent as possible (as close to the side wall as possible). It should bounce twice before hitting the back wall. The closer you are to the front wall, the higher your chances of making a kill shot are. So, keep that in mind too.
  3. If you are not able to hit an offensive shot, ceiling shots which return the ball to the back corners are effective as well. Whatever you do, don't just return the ball several feet high on the front wall, nor to the center of the court.
Racquetball Return of Serve Strategy
  1. Take full advantage of server's weaknesses - The fastest "passing shot" is down the line, not cross court. If the server is beginning their serve to either side of "center court", their momentum when moving back into the ready position will put them at a disadvantage on getting your returns down the side they are moving away from. The server will more easily get to a ball on their forhand side rather than their backhand side. So, ideally, you play a left handed player who served from the right side of the court. Perhaps a z-serve to the right back corner of the court. They should not be allowed to "camp out" in the position they served from as that would be an avoidable hinder. They have to be moving away from the right side. Your passing shot down the right side is the fastest shot, on their backhand side, and away from their momentum. That should make for a winning shot for you.

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