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Racquetball Divisions

Novice DivisionD DivisionC DivisionB DivisionA DivisionOpen DivisionPro Division
What is a "C" Division Racquetball Player?
Knowledge of Rules:Knows most of the rules, but has no idea what an avoidable hinder is.
Play Frequency:Has played over 6 months and plays 3 times a week.
Training Regimen:Beginning to practice shots on their own some.
Backhand vs Forehand:Backhand is still inaccurate, but is hit with some power.
Knowledge of Shots/Serves:Knows basic shots and serves
Shot Accuracy:Hits the ball hard, but inaccurately. Occasionally gets a kill shot.
Strategy:Knows some basic strategy
Anticipation and Angles:Beginning to understand where the ball is going, but still chasing a lot down.
Court Position:Knows to stay in center court but often fails to do so.
Participation:Participates in club leagues and beginning to participate in tournaments.

This site is here for racquetball clubs and individual racquetball players. Without a challenge ladder, there is no way for a player at your club to find and meet other players who play at their skill level. This is critical for players new to your club, and players new to Racquetball. Racquetball challenge removes this fundamental obstacle to growth in the sport. Read More or Get Started Now

Instructions Table of Contents
Introduction Divisions Racquet Technique Shots Training Other
Why Play Racquetball Novice Racquet Grip Shot Selection Game Training All Videos
How to Play Racquetball D Division The Forehand Serves Fitness Training Racquetball Links
Serve Box Lines C Division The Backhand Shots Collegiate Racquetball
Basic Strategy B Division Local Club Racquetball
Advanced Strategy A Division
Court Position Open Division
Pro Division