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How to Grip a Racquetball Racquet

How to Grip a Racquetball Racquet

The racquetball grip is one of the most fundamental skills you can learn in racquetball.  If this is not correct you will never have any success in making the variety of shots in racquetball successfully.

Don’t worry that there isn’t enough time to make the switch back and forth between the two grips.  With enough practice, you’ll eventually do this without thinking and probably even one handed.  Practice and muscle memory are your best allies in using this during an intense match.

To verify that you have the correct grip, swing your racquet in slow motion and ensure that the face of the racquet is perpendicular to the floor.  If the face of your racquet is angling downward, you will end up hitting the ball into the floor.  If the face of your racquet is angling upward you will be unsuccessful in making contact with the ball low on the front wall.  The change in grips should ensure a perpendicular orientation on both the forehand and backhand sides.

You should always play racquetball with a glove.  A glove will substantially increase your ability to grip the racquet without any slippage in your hand.  This not only improves your accuracy, but it saves you energy and strength in your arm.  Along these lines, another good thing to have is a good tacky grip.  Keep several gloves with you for all matches.  Change your glove periodically to a new one to prevent the racquet slipping in your hand due to sweat.

Watch this video where Shawn Royster, a racquetball pro, gives an excellent demonstration of the proper way to grip a racquet.