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Learn to Hit a Racquetball Forehand

Learn to Hit a Racquetball Forehand

Face The Side Wall For Racquetball Forehand

The first thing to consider when making a racquetball forehand shot is what wall are you facing.  You always want to be facing the side wall.  Facing the side wall gives you more accuracy, more power, and prevents injury to your shoulder.  You increase the risk of rotator cuff injuries when you strike the ball while facing the front wall.  You will use your legs and torso to generate more power and control when facing the side wall.  It is comical to imagine a golfer or a batter facing forward for a swing.  The same goes for racquetball.

Use The Forehand Grip

Be sure that you switch to a forehand grip when hitting a backhand.  If you do not, you will hit the ball too high.  Hold the racquet perpendicular to the floor and reach out as if shaking someone’s hand to grip it.  Surprisingly, you will get so good at this with enough practice that you won’t even notice you are doing it.  Muscles have good memory!

Racquetball Racquet Preparation

Be sure to have the racquet back well in advance of the ball arriving.  If you wait until the ball is upon you to get it back, the racquet has to travel twice as far to make the shot.  I took a 1 hour lesson from Cliff Swain many years ago and this is the fundamental error I was making that he identified.  Putting this into practice raised my skill level an entire division!

Be sure to take a step forward when hitting your forehand.  This will increase the power of the shot.  Also be sure to follow through for increased power and precision.  Remember to make contact with the ball low if your goal is to hit the ball low on the front wall.  You will have a much higher percentage of success hitting the ball low rather than hitting the ball down.

Watch racquetball pro John Ellis below demonstrate and elaborate on the proper way to hit a racquetball forehand.  Put these methods into practice and watch your skill level rise!