Round Robin Racquetball Tournaments

Round Robin Racquetball Tournaments

Round Robin Racquetball Shootout

A round robin shootout is the easiest thing to do. In a round robin tournament, everyone plays everyone one game to 11 or 15, depending on how many courts you have and how much time. You will need to allow 30 minutes per game. It seems like a game to 11 shouldn’t last that long, but somehow it does.. So, if you only have 2 courts for 3 hours, the most players you can support are 12-14. If you break them up into 2 groups, each player will play 5 games. This will leave 30 minutes at the end for a tie-breaker game. The more courts and time you have, the more divisions and players you can have.

Steps to Run the Tournament

  1. Send an email to everyone that you think might be interested with registration information, and the time/location for the tournament. Be sure to ask what division they would like to play in.
  2. As registrations come in, using the tournament form below, write the names on each row and at the top for each column
  3. On tournament night, you can allow the players to decide who they want to play next. Whoever has played the least matches so far is next on the court.
  4. The player with the most wins or points at the end of the night is the winner!
  5. Minor complexity only comes up in the case of ties in total points. Here are proposed solutions:
    • 2 way tie, they had to have faced one another, and the winner of that prior match wins.
    • 3 way or more tie, and 1 beat the others, that 1 is the winner.
    • 3 way or more tie, and none has beaten all the rest, “least points allowed” wins.
    • IF “least points allowed” still doesn’t resolve it, it will have to be decided in play off matches or a game of cut-throat if time is short.

Example Round Robin Tournament Bracket

Bill Sue Frank Emily Wins Points
Bill N/A 11 15 15 2 41
Sue 15 N/A 7 15 2 37
Frank 10 15 N/A 15 2 40
Emily 5 11 11 N/A 0 27
  • Bill scored 11 points vs Sue, 15 vs Frank, 15 vs Emily
  • Sue scored 15 points vs Bill, 7 vs Frank, 15 vs Emily
  • Frank scored 10 points vs Bill, 15 vs Sue, 15 vs Emily
  • Emily scored 5 points vs Bill, 11 vs Sue, 11 vs Frank
  • Use points instead of wins to determine the winner of this league because there was a tie on wins.
  • Bill comes in 1st, Frank 2nd, and Sue 3rd.

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