The Racquetball Serve

The Racquetball Serve

The Racquetball Serve is A Setup

The serve in racquetball is your best chance to get “setup” for a great shot.  Every other moment of a racquetball match, your opponent is doing everything in their power not to set you up.  Take advantage of this rare opportunity to hit a shot they cannot return, or at least can only return with a weak shot.

The Racquetball Serve Forces a Weak Return

In the video below Fran speaks to the serve being an opportunity to force a weak return being better than trying to ace your opponent.  You may have an ace serve up your sleeve, but even the best of serves will eventually be mastered by your opponent.  This is especially true if you go to that serve over and over and over.  Keep your opponent off balance by hitting serves of different height, speed, direction, and angle.

Know Your Opponents Weakness

Serve more often to their weaker side, but be sure and keep them honest with strong serves to their stronger side.  Serve lob shots that wallpaper the wall to your opponent if they have trouble offensively hitting a ball that is rolling down the wall toward them.  Use drive serves when your opponent is a little slow off the start.

Fran Davis is one of the most experienced and professional coaches in the racquetball industry.  Enjoy learning from her in the video below and put her suggestions into practice.






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