Racquetball Club Ongoing Operations

Racquetball Club Ongoing Operations

Regular Meetings / Play Times

Regular racquetball meetings / play times are your number one tool for on going success. People need to know that if they go to the trouble to come to the courts, someone will be there to play with. If this one fundamental function is not done, the club will be doomed to fail.


Create a Facebook group for your club to discuss things. Send communications via your challenge ladder software, Facebook, or email on a regular basis. Remind everyone that you will be there for the meetings and what might be on the agenda for this week.


Yeah, this was mentioned in the “getting started” section as well, but it is definitely a part of on-going activities. Since a college club constantly has members leaving the university, they need to be constantly be recruiting.

  • Put signs on all court doors, and any bulletin board you can find around campus inviting people to come to your weekly meetings / play times. Our challenge ladder software has a “printable brochure” that you can print and post anywhere.
  • Setup a table at your school’s club fair. This is usually held at the beginning of the fall semester.
  • Find out if racquetball is offered as a class to satisfy a physical education requirement. Meet with the teacher and ask if you can speak to the class or if the teacher will at least pass out a flyer for you.
  • Create T-shirts for your club. These will serve as walking billboards for you, and will prompt many opportunities for your members to tell others about the club.

 Interesting Activities For Your Club

  • Join Collegiate Conference
    WCRC: http://www.wcrcracquetball.org/index.html
    ECRC: http://ecrcracquetball.org 
    USRA: http://www.usra.org/Programs/Intercollegiate.aspx 
  • Host Shootout Tournaments
  • Host Regular Sanctioned Tournaments
  • Communicate Racquetball News to Club (area tournaments, USAR magazine articles, etc)
  • Arrange Speakers for your meetings (fitness, nutrition, sports management, marketing, etc instructors)
  • Lobby your school administration for having racquetball as a physical education elective class
  • Plyometrics Information – explosive training for racquetball fitness
  • Arrange for exhibition matches
  • Arrange for equipment demos from local equipment sellers
  • Road trip to touranments!
  • Invite other universities for a scrimage tournament
  • Ask your state racquetball association to assist you in your endeavors.


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