How to Setup a Racquetball League

How to Setup a Racquetball League

What is a Racquetball League?

A racquetball league is basically a round robin tournament spread over time. When a league is short on time or has a lot of players, they can be broken into multiple small round robin groups (pool play).  Then schedule a play off match between the winners of each group. Winners of a league are based upon most matches won, or most total points. Should there be a tie, the player who had previously won the individual match between the two players wins the league.

Why are Racquetball Leagues Important?

Leagues are important for growth and participation in racquetball at your local club.  It is often difficult or at least awkward for a new player to break into an existing group of racquetball players.  The new player may be concerned that they might not be at the same skill level as an existing group.  Also, it is awkward for people to walk up and interrupt/meet existing groups.  Having a league will allow new people to meet all of the other players at the club through prearranged matches.  It is significantly easier for them to join up in regular weekly groups once they know everyone and where their skill levels match up.

Schedule League Matches

Arrange the round robin matches showing who plays who (everyone plays everyone). Next, create a match schedule showing when (usually by week) each match is to be played. Then, it is up to the players themselves to contact each other to see what time that week they can get together to play their match.  After playing their match, they will submit their scores to the league manager.  For an Excel document to setup your racquetball league right click the following link and select “save link as” from the pop up menu.

racquetball download

Example Racquetball League:

Bill Sue Frank Emily Wins Points
Bill N/A 11 15 15 2 41
Sue 15 N/A 7 15 2 37
Frank 10 15 N/A 15 2 40
Emily 5 11 11 N/A 0 27
  • Bill scored 11 points vs Sue, 15 vs Frank, 15 vs Emily
  • Sue scored 15 points vs Bill, 7 vs Frank, 15 vs Emily
  • Frank scored 10 points vs Bill, 15 vs Sue, 15 vs Emily
  • Emily scored 5 points vs Bill, 11 vs Sue, 11 vs Frank
  • Use points instead of wins to determine the winner of this league because there was a tie on wins.
  • Bill comes in 1st, Frank 2nd, and Sue 3rd.

Reward League Winners!

Award prizes at the end of the league to make the league more fun.  You can use part or all of the entry fees to fund the prizes.  Prizes could be racquetball equipment, money!, trophies, medals, free league entry next season, or a preferred and reserved parking spot at your facility.  Start a league today and help grow the sport of racquetball at your local club.

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