Advanced Racquetball Strategy

Advanced Racquetball Strategy

Racquetball Return of Serve Strategy

The racquetball strategy for returning serves begins with good court position.  When returning serve consider where the server is starting from.  It is to their advantage to always begin serve from the center of the court, but often they do not.  If they begin their serve from the left side for example, they are at a disadvantage in getting all the way back to the back-right corner.  They are also at a disadvantage getting to things on the left side of the court. Their momentum in getting back to the ideal court position (center court behind dashed line) is going away from where you have hit your return.  The fastest shot you can make is a down the line pass.  The cross court pass is fast too, but the ball does have to travel a further distance.  As a last resort, you can hit a defensive ceiling shot.  The ceiling shot can be made more offensive if it’s second bounce is less than 2 feet high on back wall.  Make every shot count, including the ceiling ball.

Racquetball Rally Strategy

The racquetball strategy for play during the rally also begins with good court position.  Keep your opponent out of good court position and in either of the back two corners, particularly the corner where their returns are weaker.  You should never find yourself hitting a shot that is high or comes back to center court.  If your shot comes back to center court, you have to move out of position and your opponent gains control of the rally.  The racquetball pass shot is the highest percentage shot.  Use the pass shot particularly from behind the dashed line.  If you are in front of the dashed line and your opponent is behind it, use a pinch shot into one corner or the other.  The ceiling shot is a last resort, but when necessary, be sure it is a quality shot as defined above.

Keep The Racquetball Low

To keep the ball low and more likely to bounce twice before your opponent can get it, it is necessary to make contact with the ball low.  You will need to move to where the ball will be low to make contact with it low.  Be sure you have the proper racquetball grip so that your swing is level.  Don’t be lazy and swing at the ball at it’s current height, but move to where it will be low.  If you try to keep the ball low by hitting it in a downward direction, you will find yourself skipping the ball and losing the rally more often than not.  If you do not keep the ball low, you will wind up setting your opponent up.


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